Weddings are big business, and starry eyed brides planning their own special day can easily be talked into overspending. There are cases of brides taking out huge loans that take years to repay, just to have the wedding of their girlhood dreams. var google_adnum = 0; google_ad_channel = 'adspot_14'; function google_ad_request_done(google_ads) affordable christian louboutin shoes var adsense_ad_unit = ""; if (google_ads.length == 0) discount christian louboutin return; adsense_ad_unit += 'Ads by Google'; for(i = 0; i < google_ads.length; i++) adsense_ad_unit += '' + cheap christian louboutin '' + google_ads[i].line1 + ' ' + ' ' + google_ads[i].line2 + louboutin shoes ' ' + google_ads[i].line3 + '' + ' ' + google_ads[i].visible_url + '' + ''; christian louboutin shoe document.write(adsense_ad_unit); google_adnum += google_ads.length; return; red sole high heels google_max_num_ads = 3; google_ad_client = "ca-pub-7332027313721357"; google_ad_output = "js"; google_ad_type = "text"; First of all, when negotiating with a vendor, a bride and her mother should avoid admitting what their budget is or even that the event they're planning is a wedding. The minute many florists, photographers and reception halls learn it's a wedding, they will raise red heels their prices. Cheap Wedding Gowns Check out department stores that sell prom dresses and evening gowns, as some of these can pass for wedding gowns, priced at a fraction of the cost. Then if needed, embellish with satin ribbon, lace, crystal beads or pearls that can be purchased at a fabric store or Michael's. Embellish shoes to match, too. Diamond jewelry can be borrowed from a relative, also saving money. Worn-only-once wedding gowns are sold after the wedding by many newlyweds on Craigslist. A quick perusal of the San Francisco Bay Area site shows 275 listings, with dresses selling from $75 on up, including designer dresses. Some brides obtain their dresses at thrift shops, though they are limited to what has been donated or consigned. The Goodwill Store in Berkeley, California typically sells used wedding dresses for $29, and they sell out quickly when they are in stock. For the bridal party's hair and make-up, beauty colleges will do them for extremely affordable prices, like $10 to $15. Call and visit a local school and schedule an early appointment the day of the wedding. Affordable Wedding Reception Ideas Alcohol, especially open bars, make for costly receptions. Some weddings limit alcohol to one glass of champagne for the toast or serve Sparkling Apple Cider. Non-alcoholic weddings are generally inexpensive, and a festive punch can be offered. Morning weddings are followed by a brunch, which is generally cheaper than an evening reception. For centerpieces, place fruit or flowers that reflect the color scheme in an acrylic or glass vase, like limes for green, lemons for yellow, mandarin oranges and miniature pumpkins for orange, or apples for burgundy. One or two flowers like peonies or daisies can be added to the fruit, at the top or in the middle of the vase. Then fill it with water, and voila, a beautiful centerpiece that belies its cost! Surround it with rose petals and votive candles for added effect, as in the picture below. Other cheap materials to place in the vases are floating candles, tulips, pine cones, fall colored leaves and dried berries, or blossoming cherry or apple branches. Cheap Weddings Florists often freely give cheap wedding dresses and evening away bags of rose petals, and the petals can be sprinkled around table centerpieces or tossed down the aisle by flower girls. Call floral shops in your area to see which day of the week they give them away and go get a bag the day before the wedding. Note that they should be refrigerated until needed. Have guests donate their skills instead of giving weddings presents. Someone who does calligraphy can address the invitations, a great baker can provide the cake or dessert trays, and another guest who has a knack for picture-taking can be the photographer. An Aunt may be handy at sewing, and she can alter the bridesmaids' dresses or wedding gown as her gift. high heels shoe A good way to obtain cheap pictures is to contact a local college that has a film major in http://www.sighthit.com/ their art department. Talk with one of the professors and ask who his most talented seniors are. These students are eager to build their portfolios and will take a job as a wedding photographer for little pay, like the senior photojournalism major at San Francisco State University who did it for $300. The photos were outstanding, the bride and groom were thrilled, and the student was pleased as punch to add the experience to her resume. Just make sure you visit any potential student photographer's website to get an idea of his style. Oriental Trading Company offers reasonable party favors, bridal party gifts and personalized items for weddings. Gift certificates for pedicures are cheap but very welcome gifts from brides to their bridesmaids. With a little research, any wedding can come off as a champagne affair on a beer budget. Then what happens after the wedding reception? Lots of thank you notes have to be written for all those thoughtful gifts, and the real challenge of marriage: building a life together.
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